Building Code Consulting

The stepping stone of achieving a compliant project is understanding the Code requirements. Lio & Associates provides Building Code consulting to engineers, architects, and renovators to guide them through the many requirements of the National Building Code and the Ontario Building Code.

Building Systems Consulting

The Lio and Associates team has a well established reputation of building science expertise. We understand how buildings behave as a system. Our expertise includes: building envelope consulting, air barrier consulting and mechanical system consulting.

Our understanding of building systems allows us provide builders, renovators, and architects with cost effective solutions that satisfy the Code requirements and promote a healthy environment.

Tarion related services

Our team can provide expert opinion and witness in relation to requirements from the Building Code and from the Construction Performance Guidelines. This include: Licensing Appeal Tribunal (LAT), Builder Arbitration Forum (BAF), Tarion negotiations and Tarion conciliations.

Drawing, Detail & Site Reviews

Lio & Associates performs drawing/detail reviews of architectural drawings during the schematic design and design development phases. We work with our clients to achieve compliance and address any issues prior to the application for permits.

Our site reviews for specific items are intended to verify the level of compliance of in-progress and completed construction with the Code and Standards. Our team can also help identify and remediate issues related to building discomfort (too hot, cold, humid or dry), condensation, odours and ice damning.

Alternative Solutions & Objective Based design

Ontario’s current building code includes allowances for innovative designs and products that don’t necessary line up with the Code language. Lio & Associates helps our clients identify, develop, negotiate and certify alternative compliance approaches to building Code requirements. Our alternative solutions ensure the same level of performance is achieved; thus ensuring Code compliance.

Material Evaluation Commissions

In cases where innovative materials, systems or products do not meet the prescriptive requirements of the Building Codes, Lio & Associates can assist product developers and manufacturers through material evaluation application processes at the Provincial (e.g., Ontario Building Materials Evaluation Commission) and the National (Canadian Construction Materials Centre) levels.

Code Change Proposals

Lio & Associates has extensive experience working with government ministries as the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing and the Ministry of Labour. We help our clients develop new Code language and submit proposed changes to the building Code.

Economic Analysis & Policy

Our team conducts numerous influential economic studies of residential energy demand and consumption on behalf many of our clients. These studies have provided the rationale for the increased levels of thermal insulation required in almost every version of the Ontario Building Code since 1990.

Members of the firm have also been involved in ventilation and indoor air quality research including a study of residential mechanical ventilation which set the groundwork for changes to the Ontario Building Code.

Building Code Commission Appeals

The Lio & Associates team help clients respond and appeal to compliance orders, Building Code commissions and negotiations with authorities having jurisdiction. We provide representation for owners and building permit applicants in support of Building Code compliance approaches that are not accepted by municipal building departments.


Insurance & Litigation/Expert Witness

In cases of litigation, mediation and arbitration, Lio & Associates have helped clients by providing an expert opinion or testimony. This service includes reviews and comments on reports prepared by other experts supporting an opposing position.